Ce ati dori sa imi transmiteti?

miercuri, 4 iulie 2012

List of my dreams, my thoughts

   Everyone has dreams. Obviously. I like to visualize them in my head and wish that someday they might become reality. Many people want to be healthy because that's what they need, others have childish dreams like being happy or receiving the most desired gift on their birthdays. Depends how you see and understand the signs of your heart. 

   Whatever they expect life to give them defines the persons they are. I want simple things like peace, a full life and a happy family. A simple experience, but full of meaning and very enjoyable. Something to be proud of and to feel good when I go to sleep. I want to help people, to be remembered after I'm gone, to be loved and to love back. So what kind of person am I, really?
   I believe that nothing matters more than a life without regrets. But we are not humans if we don't look back and wish to change the thing we've done. I have many things I want to change at myself in the first place. I want: 
     - to be patient;
     - to concentrate more on the things I need to finish;
     - to have more faith;
     - to think first instead of speaking;
     - to be confident on myself;
     - to be more opened;

     - to not be afraid of being judged. And many others.

   What are the things you wish for?