Ce ati dori sa imi transmiteti?

Review request/Contact

Authors and publishers are always welcome to email me for a request to review a book. 
I'm not an expert, just an avid book reader and I use this blog to talk about things I like and dislike about the books I read. I am always sincere and I express my opinion politely, so don't expect to do otherwise.

I accept books in paperback, hardcover or e-book.

 Want to write a guest blog or be interviewed or do you want me to host a book giveaway of your book? This is your place to be! Email me.

The genres I read and review are mostly fiction, particularly in the genres: 
Young Adult (YA),  
Murder & Mystery
Historical Fiction,
Regular Fiction. 
That doesn't mean you can't contact me if your book doesn't fit in these genres.  

More questions or comments? Contact me at dreams_link_didy@yahoo.com

Thank you!