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vineri, 12 iulie 2013

Blog tour: ARC Review - An unexpected woman by Sandi Layne

Pub Date: July 11, 2013

“Put a bow around the woman you want for me, so I’ll know.”

A paradise for some, Florida is a lonely place for Associate Pastor Dr. Mark Countryman. Hurt by relationships in the past, Mark wonders if there is someone out there for him. He asks God to make his will clear.

When he stumbles over local girl Shelley Roberts while out to lunch one afternoon, he feels both an attraction to her and the need to guard his heart. Her chipper and sunny demeanor add brightness to each day he spends with her, but his track record with relationships keeps him from fully opening his heart. Their burgeoning relationship is put to the test when a brewing storm off the Florida Peninsula threatens their city. Shelley prays for God's help as she prepares for all contingencies, while Mark stands firm in his faith in God's protection.

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It was a pleasure to read this book and this is the main reason I gave it 5 butterflies. At first sight it seems just another love story, but the lessons you learn from the experience are more important than anything else: love and faith mixed together make a good team and a great marriage.

This is the story of two people who fall in love from the first moment they see each other, but who follow God’s will to make it happen. Mark Countryman is having a hard time opening his heart after he loved the wrong woman, so now he is very careful and tries to avoid making the same mistakes. It’s a good thing though, that Shelley Roberts knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to speak her mind when is necessary. Just the woman Mark needs in his life. 

It won't be hard to love this book. The flow of the novel is realistic and makes you believe your more than a witness, like being part of the action. You will walk along the way and actually slip into that universe. Also, the characters have important messages to tell and they can teach you many things about life, love and hurricanes. Useful stuff.   

Shelley is my favorite character, just my type of heroine. She is strong, capable of taking care of herself and to handle the problems she encounters on her way. Give her any obstacle and she will overcome it. The perfect element that describes her is her job, typical for a man, but managed just fine by Shelley. But thinking about it, I guess it's normal since she was raised by her father, after her mother's death. Our hero, Mark, is a pastor and a man who thinks first and then acts. He is mature, has a big heart and always searches for others gain before his own. Who wouldn't love such a partner?    

A significant theme treated in the book is faith, the connection pastor Mark and Shelley have with God. This is the part I liked the most, because it impressed me a lot. I am a believer myself, but like everyone else I have my ups and downs. In my opinion, they are a good example of perseverance, strength and tough will, features we all desire. This book also made me think a lot about my life and my choices, so it touched me deeply. "An unexpected woman" will remain in my mind for a long of time, because of the impact it had over me. 

If you enjoy a good romance, but filled with deep feelings and strong characters this is the book for you. I recommend it to all of you who want to taste a drop of hope and pure emotions.

I received a free ARC directly from the publisher,  but a positive review was not promised in return.                                                                             
                                                                                                                  Author Bio:
Having been a voracious reader all her life, Sandi never expected to want to write until the idea was presented in a backhanded manner. Once the notion occurred to her, though, she had to dive in the deep end (as is her wont) and began by writing historical fiction. She has since written more than twenty novels—most of which will never see the light of day.

Sandi has degrees in English and Ministry, has studied theology, spent years as an educator, has worked in escrow and sundry other careers, but research is her passion. She won an award for Celtic Fiction in 2003, but as well as history, she is also fascinated with contemporary research and has self-published several novels in the Inspirational Romance genre./

She has been married for twenty years to a man tolerant enough to let her go giddy when she discovers new words in Old Norse. Her two sons find her amusing and have enjoyed listening to her read aloud—especially when she uses funny voices. A woman of deep faith, she still finds a great deal to laugh at in the small moments of the everyday and hopes that she can help others find these moments, too.

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