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vineri, 9 decembrie 2011

Song - 18th Century Gentleman

18th Century Gentleman

Sometimes I think I’m from a different time
That my soul left my love long behind
In a world of gowns and elegant dancing,
Where he stands at the golden staircase waiting…

I don’t belong in this modern world
Where the traditional ways have faded away
When being tan, skinny and wild is beauty—
I wish to be found in the long ago days
I’m living a dream, a fantasy—
Where everyone tried to look like me
Curls pinned high, gloves on my hand
The night comes alive with the party band
A grand mansion, rich aristrocrats—
I see him across the room
Our eyes meet, hands in unison—
I dance with my 18th century gentleman, all is gone…

We’re young, the world’s at our feet
He could have anyone, all he wants is me
Not about money, not about status
We speak of literature and music, we break the rules
He sweeps me off my feet
I take his breathe away
He loves my mind as much as my eyes
I don’t stand a chance three centuries later
Too proper for this world
Time seperated us, I cannot find him again
I crave a traditional love that seems unknown.
(chorus x 2) 
Sometimes I think I’m from another time
That my soul left my love long behind