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sâmbătă, 12 iulie 2014

Blog Tour Review: "Broken Promises" (The Broken Road #2) by Melissa Huie

Synopsis (Goodreads):When Shane appeared in her carport, Megan thought she was dreaming. The man who stole her heart, the father of her unborn child was the same man she feared dead. Elated and overjoyed, Megan believes they will finally get their happy ending.

But the happiness doesn’t last long. Shane’s long road home created demons, demons that Megan can’t fight. Past discretions come back to haunt them, and with that comes the paranoia and the distrust. And the trouble doesn’t stop there. Danger threatens their lives at every turn, and when the time comes, Megan must make the ultimate decision.

Will Shane and Megan have their happily ever after? Or will that be another Broken Promise?

My review:
This was a very enjoyable and quick story. It caught my attention from the first page and soon after that I got engaged in Megan's life. Megan, our main character, dreams a lot about her boyfriend Shane, who is thought to be dead in an explosion. So when he comes back after a few months, she doesn't know how to react or what to think. She then realizes that he has changed a lot and their life will be different because he is haunted by the ghost of his past. 

Things are more complicated now due to the fact that Megan is pregnant and she can turn easily into a target, since their enemy is still on their trail. Also Meg's ex-fiance Tommy is always near her and Shane is jealous and insecure, seeing things that aren't there. I liked Shane in the beginning, but his attitude of bad boy, his seek for adventure and the obsession with his revenge got on my nerves. Maybe he was built like this way on purpose, I don't know, but this is how I felt sometimes. They fought so often and at times I wondered if they really cared for each other, mostly from Shane part.

Megan on the other hand is the opposite, she only wants a normal life, without all the danger, but she can see that her needs are too much for Shane who starts spending less time in her company "for the sake of his duty". She will have to trust him and to accept the instability. 

One character that I really liked was Cole who was always there to save the day, taking care of Megan and her family. He had such a great personality and I would have been happy to meet him personally. Another aspect that was good to encounter was Megan's family - they were so close and always around, making me think of my own family. Another secondary characters as Kate and Kyle were sweet and adorable. 

The plot had a few twists, but the accent was put on Megan and Shane's relationship and sexual attraction, giving us some hot scenes. After all the trouble, Shane proves to be a good guy and that all he has done was for Meg's safety. They show us how important is trust and love when hard times are near.     

I had no idea at first that it was the second book in a series, because I didn't feel like I was missing something - well, at least until the end when I would have liked to know more background information about Megan and Shane's relationship. For my fulfillment I will have to read the first book to discover more.

As a whole it was a nice read, the characters were interesting to follow and the end gave me everything that I needed. Also the writing was simple, easy to understand and the thing that I enjoyed the most about this story. 
I recommend to give this series a try, I'm sure many of you will love it.  

Note: I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I liked it very much!

About Melissa Huie:
Melissa grew up in Maryland by the Chesapeake Bay, where her favorite memories took place near the water. Not having the physical coordination for most sports and the tendency to trip over air, she gravitated to books. She was never seen without a book. With her imagination running wild, she began to write her own stories at the age of nine, with her first book about a pet-loving family and the adventures they had. As time passed and Melissa grew up, reading and writing always stayed with her, becoming her escape from everyday life. 

Melissa now lives near Washington, D.C. with her family, dog and a lot of fish. In between the chaos of laundry, chasing after her three children and trying to learn how to cook, Melissa finds her escape by feeding her addiction of reading and writing of love, suspense and sarcastic humor. 

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